An innovative series of publications created by Alec Finlay and platform projects bookscapes explore experiences of extended reading. Each bookscape is a cross-media collaboration and they combine the mediums of book, audio CD, DVD and website. The series was conceived by Alec Finlay and is produced by Alec in collaboration with Laura Harrington, designer Lucy Richards, and the creative support of Beth Rowson and Ken Cockburn.

The series title adapts Brian Eno’s concept of the soundfield – a recording, which depicts a landscape through the widest catchments of sound rather than focusing on a specific source, A bookscape is a reading environment where the focus is not on a discrete page but rather an open process of reading between word, image and animation. Our experience of reading has been transformed into the diverse fields of computer, print media, advertising, signs in motion. These are the familiars of our daily lives and yet no publisher has ever attempted a series of publications that reflects this breadth of experience: bookscapes shifts the emphasis from books to reading.

bookscapes 2005 - 2006
Three Rivers Crossword
Field Guide
Journey to the Lower World

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