Sweeney: kree’ar

steal the verb kree’ar from black headed gull
draw the sting from early nettle
spike and barb and volt and thistle
sweeten with flame, tender

photograph, Morven Gregor, 2013; poem, Gerry Loose, 2013

Gerry & Morven will joing the Bothy Project on Eigg later this summer, collaborating on the construction of Bothan Shuibhne. Their hut featured in the road north, and in a post on huts and shelters.

Morven Gregor's Carbeth hut log can be seen here

Gerry Loose Carbeth hut blog can be seen here.

Bothan Shuibhne | Sweeney’s Bothy
Alec Finlay & The Bothy Project

commissioned as part of Creative Scotland’s
‘Year of Natural Scotland 2013’

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