Sweeney's Eigg: A Guide

Garbh Sgeir

Cormorant Skerry

Clach na Daoine

Stone of The People

Beinn Bhuidhe

Yellow Mountain

Druim an Alt

Ridge of The Stream

Craig nam Faoileann

Seagull’s crag

Cachlaibh nam Marbhaidh

Gateway of the Dead

Sròn Laimhrige

The Anchorage

A 'Chuagach

The Awkward Place

Allt a' Chuagach

The Burn of the Awkward Place

Allt a’ Cham Lòn

The Burn of the Crooked Pool

Druim an Lochain

Ridge of the Lochan

Cnoc Smeòrdail

Butterdale Hill


The Cliff Pasture

Sidhean na Cailleach

The Fairy Mound of The Hag

Na Sidhean

The Fairies

Clach Alaisdair

Alaisdair’s rock

Bogha Thangaraidh

Point of the Tangle Garden

Lon nan Grugach

Pond of The Water Nymphs


The Pointed Sheiling

Cùl nam Park

The Crossroads


Barley Hollow

An t-Sidhean

Fairy Mound

Tobhar Chaluim-Chille

The Well of Columba

Sgorr an Fharaidh

The Buttress of The Beacon

Bidein nan Tighearna 

The Finger of The Lord 

Bidein nan Tighearna & Allt Bidein nan Tighearna

The Finger of The Lord & The Burn of The Finger of The Lord

Druim na Sgroth

Ridge of The Sward


Stony Place

Coig Peighinnean

Five-Penny Land

Tràigh a' Bhìgeil

Strand of the Chirping

Camas Sgiotag

Bay of the Whisk

An Guala Mòr

The Great Shoulder

AF, June 2013

With thanks and acknowledgements to Lucy Conway,
Camille Dressler and The Small Isles website.

Bothan Shuibhne | Sweeney's Bothy
Alec Finlay & The Bothy Project, 2012-13

a new bothy for creative residencies
located on the Isle of Eigg

for more information click here and here.

commissioned as part of Creative Scotland's
Year of Natural Scotland, 2013

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