The dog discovers sea doesn't understand water

The dog's lying in the sun-patch paws out-stretched

The dog paws his nose against streams of whipped sand

The dog squeezes under, we clamber over

The dog rolls over for a tummy tickle

The dog rolls his eyes; I work his ruff

The dog knows better than to eat todays breakfast

The dog's run so far his left-ear's dropt ragged

The dog sees me tucked up with a bundle of sighs

The dogs TV is a window

The dog has to lick all the salt off his trousers

The dog's sick is froth & water

The dog's got no idea what to do with a bone but bury it

The dog plays hide & seek around the upturned boat-sheds

The dog sticks his snout in and out of the carriage's sliding doors

The dog surfs scents out the car window

The dog bends his ear in half a scratch

The old bog licks his tail

The dog lays on the toy blue-tit and emits a steady stream of bird-
song out of his behind

The dog goes, slowly, from room to room, looking for himself

The dog, old, yes, blind, yes, deaf as well, with more and more
grey and some wobble, yes, time to go, soon, yes, time to go

Their little puppy is eating his first snow

what was
fond life

becomes a wash
of ash

i.m. barney

Colin Will wrote this habuin, inspired by a walk with Barney in Uist.

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