glass apples

glass apples, Alec Finlay, 2010

Commissioned by the National Glass Centre, Sunderland, 2010
photographs by Colin Davison.

This is one of the projects I have worked on with the curator Grainne
Sweeney. The apple colours are based on 50 native British varieties
colour specified in collaboration with Jack Lowe, working from the
archives of the National Fruit Collection, Brogdale. 

The glass apples were made in collaboration with glass-blowers
who had been employed at the former Hartley Wood glass factory
in Sunderland.

A unique glass apple, and one of 50 native apple varieties, was
gifted to 50 families, resident on a new housing estate, built near
the factory. 

I also sited a wooden barrel filled with glass apples on a communal
grassed area, in the middle of the estate.

A limited edition of 10 glass apples is available from National
Glass Centre and Ingleby Gallery.

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