the thread of emptiness

variations on a passage of conversation
between Joan Retallack & John Cage

the thread of emptiness that runs through it all
yes, yes
it’s very interesting to me –
– that the thread of emptiness runs
– runs through everything
– through everything

the thread of everything that empties through it all
it’s run through everything –
yes, yes
– everything that empties me
– empties through my very interest
– my very interest

the runs thread everything through me
yes, yes
that empties it’s interest –
– empty as the running
– the running through every interest
– through every interest

that very emptiness interests me through it all
it’s run through –
yes, yes
– the emptiness interests me
– threaded through that
– through that

the interestedness of it all is through 
yes, yes
that thread it’s empty –
– the interest of everything running
– every empty thread
– empty thread

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