finding (for Judo)


the right

that fits

and no more

finding a haircut
that suits you
or a wig

finding something
to wear
that goes

finding a view
that you can cling to
then opening the window

finding a journey
to make
and the right map

finding a pair of sticks
that fit your stride
and a walk

finding how not to
contradict the path
and end up with sore legs

finding the healing
that heals you
and a good doctor

finding a flat
with space enough for
company and solitude

finding a tea
the best cup

finding a hill
that’s fine in sunshine
or wrapped in mist

finding a chocolate
so good
you eat only a little

finding an answer
so wrong
you rewrite the question

finding a coat
that fits you so well
you long for winter

finding a spring
near the shore
dabbling against the breakers

finding that if the heart
is a valve
then the heart's also a bell

finding a language
in which you feel
at home

finding a life
that fulfils you
and a death too

for Judo
9.IX.1962 – 3.X.2012

Ken Cockburn & Alec Finlay

composed 2010
performed 13 October 2012

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