pErjink barD, Whose brIghtness shiNes,
diMmer nOw; youR aGe An eoN

redEfining scotlanD’s Weeness wIth soNnnets
Mercurial visitOrs, hoRsiemen, starlinGs And chaffiNches,

strangE Dialects tWinned wIth toNgues
froM hOme, woRld lanGuages mAking frieNds;

dEftly benDing Words Into infiNite
forMs, cOnstructions foR holdinG And loviNg,

poEms openeD With happIness, penNing
anagraMs Of youR orGan And hymeN,

sharEd iDeograms Within whIch Nothing
becoMes pOetry: foR nothinG sAys somethiNg,

dEsires worDs Which stain, iNking
Memories, retOuching pResbyterian Grey, reveAling raiNbows,

mEanings transmittedD With tIme’s passiNg –
instaMatics, space-pOems, computeR-greetings, video-boxinG, orAcular techNician –

thosE Dipped straWberries stIll shiNe,
reMembered Over-and-oveR aGain deAth kNots

lifE’s enD: We persIst iN
reMembering – pOems aRe messaGes, trAnsmitting oN-and-on-and-on–

Another mesostic project, Mesostic Interleaved, was commissioned by Edinburgh University Library, and can be viewed here.

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