‘not waving but drowning’
   – Stevie Smith

not words but writing
not writing but drawing
not drawing but painting
not painting but breathing
not breathing but thinking
not thinking but dreaming
not dreaming but sleeping
not sleeping but listening
not listening but hearing
not hearing but feeling
not feeling but hurting
not hurting but resting
not resting but changing
not changing but remembering
not remembering but hoping
not hoping but knowing
not knowing but believing
not believing but living
not living but living

Alec Finlay (ed)

not shoes but steps
not steps but snow
not snow but salt
not salt but crystal
not crystal but liquid
not liquid but air
not air but wind
not wind but kites
not kites but stones
not stones but splashes
not splashes but rings
not rings but stars
not stars but diodes
not diodes

Alec Finlay & Pravdo Ivanov

not launched but rigged
not rigged but garlanded
not garland but ribbon
not ribbon but sugarwrack
not sugarwrack but saltlick
not saltlick but sillock
not sillock but lithe
not lithe

Jen Hadfield & Alec Finlay

not me but you
not you but hmmm
not hmmm but uh-hu
not uh-hu but ha-ha
not ha-ha but but
not but but not
not not

Alec Finlay & Zuzana Hruskova

not known but unknown
not unknown but known knowns
not known knowns but unknown knowns
not unknown knowns but knowns we know
not knowns we know but knowns we know that we know
not knowns we know that we know but unknowns
not unknowns but knowns
not knowns

Alec Finlay & Donald Rumsfeld

This form can be played by two people, or a group, as a game; declaring a winner is a matter of tact.

Some of these poems were first published in 2HB, published by CCA (Glasgow).

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